Storytelling of a Love Journey

The Unforgettable Destination Wedding of Mica and Mati in Mendoza, Argentina.
Love has the marvelous ability to transport us to unimaginable places, and for Mica and Mati, that journey took them to the beautiful Mendoza, where they decided to unite their lives in a destination wedding full of emotions, spectacular landscapes, and unforgettable moments.
What started as a simple idea to escape and celebrate turned into a dream come true.

This story was born from a shared desire: both longed for a wedding that transcended the limits of a few hours; they wanted to fully enjoy the moment with their loved ones. They considered various destinations, but Mendoza, with its rich wine tradition and captivating landscapes, began to take shape as the ideal location. With these photographs, I will transport you through the charming details to this wonderful destination wedding, an event not to be forgotten!

From Buenos Aires to the Vineyards.

The search for the right winery for a 150-guest wedding was not just a practical exercise but also an emotional journey. Each winery they visited provided a deeper insight into what they wanted for their big day. The excitement of exploring new locations, walking among the vineyards, and visualizing how their wedding would be constantly reminded them of the purpose of their search. After exploring several options and evaluating different spaces, the moment came when their eyes landed on the winery that would become the perfect choice for their wedding: Susana Balbo Wines. It was the ideal combination of the landscape and gastronomy that Mica and Mati were looking for.

A Warm Welcome.

Their guests arrived from all over the world, ready to enjoy a celebration that promised to be full of charm, emotion, and elegance. Hosting vendors and guests near the winery was not only practical but also a display of hospitality. Mica and Mati made sure that everyone felt welcomed and comfortable from the moment they arrived. The choice of personalized welcome gifts demonstrated that they not only wanted their guests and vendors to share their special day but also wished to express their appreciation and gratitude sincerely.

Some gifts were handed out in person, while others were discovered in the hotels. Together with their planners, they visited each hotel to welcome vendors and guests. The personalized welcome bags were a hit! They included drinks, chocolates, creams, masks, and other items like do-not-disturb signs. They undoubtedly showed that they knew and valued the preferences and needs of each guest. The handwritten cards added a human and warm touch, making it clear that these gifts were not just products but a genuine expression of affection. Additionally, they left each person a typical Welcome to Mendoza brochure, but inside, it was not just another brochure. It was designed with tips from the couple, their story, how they met, and even photos of them with their pet Telmi… isn’t it genius?

Enjoying time with friends a few days before the wedding is a fantastic plan! On this occasion, the chosen venue was Bodega La Azul, where they indulged in a multi-course menu with free-flowing wine. It was an excellent way to spend time together before the big day. Being outdoors on the grass, under the sun, with a glass of wine and music creates a perfect atmosphere for a super special and relaxed moment.

A perfect setting for their pre-wedding celebration

After this warm welcome, the day of the pre-wedding celebration arrived, the day before the wedding. With its vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains, Viamonte Winery provided the ideal setting for them. The best sunset imaginable was there! As the sun slid towards the horizon, painting the sky with warm and golden hues, the atmosphere among the bonfires filled with a magical vibe. The choice of the venue reflected the couple’s passion for details and their desire to share an epic moment.

With their closest friends and family, amidst laughter, hugs, and shared anecdotes, deeper connections were woven, and memories were created that would last a lifetime. Wine, so emblematic of the Mendoza region, became the perfect symbol to toast the beautiful day they had ahead.

The Wedding Day Arrived in a Dreamy Setting

The big day had come, and the chosen stage to celebrate the love of Mica and Mati could not be more spectacular. In the heart of Mendoza, at the iconic Susana Balbo Wines winery, they were getting ready to take the most important step of their journey together. The enchanting Mendoza setting was embracing them.

Every detail seemed to fall into place magically. However, behind that magic was a great team, Events Boutique, who had been months into thorough planning, making every detail come to life, ensuring that the wedding never loses its essence. They undoubtedly made the experience unforgettable.

“Getting Ready”

The “Getting ready” is not only an essential part of the wedding but also a precious moment in itself.
Mati chose the tranquility of Casa López posada, where he had lunch with friends at a nearby bar and then found his space to focus and grasp the significance of the moment. While getting dressed and prepared, he could connect with himself and the emotion he was feeling.

Mica shared this moment with her closest friends and her mother, creating an intimate atmosphere. For them, the toast became a very special moment, symbolizing the promise of the experience they were about to live.

The wide windows and the blue sky became the perfect frame. While Mica observed her dress from Nachi Gallo Atelier hanging in that magical environment, she could connect with the significance of this day.

Talk about shining. Mica, the founder of Cotillón Lets Party Team, has extensive knowledge in the events industry, allowing her to pay attention to the small details that make a wedding memorable.

Before changing, we went out to take a look and see how everything was set up to welcome the guests! We took the opportunity to take some photos with her rocker bride jacket. We went down, and the magic happened! Everything was a dream thanks to Anto Pagliara Ambientación. The choice of flowers and their palette of vibrant colors played a central role in the decoration, adding a sense of joy and vitality to the celebration.

Everything was ready! Amid the nervousness before the ceremony, a special encounter between Mica and her mother added a touch of calm. This unique moment before the ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter.

In the land of sun and good wine, this ceremony couldn’t be more perfect. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, hugs, and shared emotions. Magic was in the air and in every corner. The guests were already at the ceremony.

“The ceremony under a radiant sun”

The big day had come, and Mica and Mati were getting ready to take a very important step in their lives. The weather was on their side, and the ceremony began under an impressive sun surrounded by vineyards and mountains.

Before the ceremony, their friends were in charge of serving drinks to set the mood for a great moment. Mati made a spectacular entrance to the sound of the Champions League anthem, a choice that made it clear that everyone can enter their wedding in their own way. But the cutest procession was about to arrive with the entrance of their nephews! With their mischief, they stole the attention of all the guests.

The ceremony was not only a visual spectacle but also a whirlwind of emotions. From laughter during the ceremony to tears of happiness in the eyes of family and friends.

A toast couldn’t be missed, obviously with local wine. That moment was not just a celebratory gesture but also a symbol of unity and a taste for good wines.

“Promises of Love and Intertwined Emotions”

Victoria Ensayo Astrológico, a friend of Mica, was the one who officiated this ceremony. She mixed the wine from each glass in the decanter, representing the earth and water that once formed the living fruit. This ritual, full of meaning and love, was a testimony to their mutual commitment and unleashed a wave of emotions that moved everyone present.

They poured the blend (wine mixture in the decanter) into each glass, and the couple drank it to the last drop. It oxygenated with the mountain air and in our hearts, carrying the wishes of everyone present for good omens and abundant prosperity for the couple.

One of the most touching moments of Mica and Mati’s ceremony was when they exchanged their vows and rings. The words they shared were a sincere reflection of their love and mutual commitment.

With tears of joy in their eyes and hearts full of emotion, they expressed their promises of eternal love to each other. After their emotional ceremony, they took a special moment for a photo session as the sun set on the horizon.

As the afternoon progressed, the sun began to slowly set over the vineyards, creating a magical atmosphere! The gastronomy was handled by Catering Los Olivos, who ensured that the food lived up to this unique celebration. This moment was not only a memorable culinary experience but also an opportunity for everyone present to connect.
If there was one thing this wedding didn’t lack, it was details! They kept appearing more and more!

To continue with the magic, Bar de Eventos opened its bar, and guests began to approach to taste their delicious cocktails. Without a doubt, it was what everyone was waiting for. Little by little, things were starting to get better, with good drinks and good music.

There were personalized coasters with Fun Facts about Mica and Mati and drinks customized by them; those were the most popular! The smoking area could not be an exception to the details; each area was designed and executed with great care! Between the drinks and the sunset, Juanjo started playing the saxophone, creating a unique atmosphere where you could feel the upcoming celebration.

The moon was rising, and it was the perfect time to spice things up! Mica put on her sneakers from Lets Party Cotillion, and off we went, into the fray!

The entrance of the newlyweds to the dance floor, as it couldn’t be otherwise, was very fun and lively! Sofi, a friend of Mica, gave them their final pep talk, and there they went for it all!! What a perfect way to start the night! Everything exploded hand in hand with @emilianofaubel

The night filled with brightness and magic with the presence of Lets Party Cotillion. Mica’s Cotillion and glitter brand, known for creating magical moments, filled the guests with shine and glamour!
Mica changed her outfit for a lighter and more comfortable dress to dance until dawn, made by Carolina Hamer.
Also, the Cotillion arrived, glasses, fun hats, lots of LED, and lots of light were the stars of the dance floor.

They had the brilliant idea of providing custom costumes for the guests! There were some great shot guns!
Telmi masks and more accessories from Lets. And just in case something was missing from this party, Fran Delgado Ccesco arrived with his violin at the right moment to liven up everything!

Team spirit!!
I couldn’t find a better way to finish telling this story than with this image that reflects the happiness of all the guests. They really gave everything and more.
In this summary, I tried to showcase the highlights of this magical wedding. Choosing a destination wedding was definitely a 100% success!

Congratulations, Mica and Mati!


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