My principles


It is essential not to intervene in genuine moments. The element of surprise and the magic of the unexpected can make those moments even more special and memorable. I would like you to discover what you won’t see that day.

Novia entrando del brazo del papá plenos de felicidad. Fede Petri. Fotógrafo de bodas.

Capturing emotions
behind every moment

Each tear on your wedding day will have a special meaning. Undoubtedly, photography has the power to transport us back to the exact moment it was taken. When you relive your wedding with images loaded with these moments, you will be able to feel that day again as if it were yesterday.

Retrato de los novios con un marco de flores en su ceremonia de boda. Fede Petri. Fotógrafo de boda.
Abrazo conmovedor en la ceremonia de boda. Fede Petri. Fotógrafo de bodas.

The value of your

These photographs are undoubtedly the most carefully crafted and designed to transcend generations and remain relevant. This type of portraiture is undoubtedly what drives us and gives us more confidence in the enormous value of your family memories.

We want you to enjoy your wedding day
to the fullest with your loved ones

As a team, we understand that this is a very special day for you, and there are very few occasions in life where family and friends come together in one place to celebrate. We understand that you will want to be with them at all times. That’s why it would be unfair for you to spend a lot of time taking pictures. We will have a moment to do that.

Pleno disfrute de los novios y familiares en su ceremonia de boda. Fede Petri. Fotógrafo de bodas.
Momento de amor entre los novios. Fede Petri Fotógrafo de boda.

Our Moment

We know the timing and every space that will allow us to secure what we are looking for. How would we do it? We would do it together! We would do our part, and you would do what you do every day. You will hug each other as always, look at each other as always; it’s a moment for you and a beautiful one to experience, and then see those images and be transported to that moment. We will work together as a team to achieve great results in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to address your concerns. Always at your service.





Los novios felices tomados de la mano saludan a su invitados. Fede Petri Fotógrafo de boda

I have no destination restrictions. I'll go wherever the story takes me. One of the best gifts this profession has given me is the ability to travel. I greatly enjoy working in new places and discovering them behind the lens.

I work both alone and as part of a team, depending on the number of guests at your wedding. In my experience, the results of teamwork are superior; it can involve two cameras, not only doubling the number of photos but also naturally capturing as many details as possible.

I don't have a set time, nor do I offer services by the hour. I will be with you at all times, during preparations, the ceremony, and the party, until the final party photograph.

My favorites are spontaneous shots, but that doesn't mean I don't take posed or family photos. Those are always necessary and very important.

The number of photos can vary depending on the size of the wedding and the number of guests. It also depends on whether the service involves two cameras, doubling the number of images. It can range from 700 to 1200 photos.

I offer immediate delivery within 48 hours of completing the wedding, with about 80 photos. This allows you to share them with your family, friends, on social media, etc. The complete material is delivered within 60 days from the wedding date.

I deliver photos digitally and in print. Through an online gallery, you will receive all the wedding photos, which you can download on any device. Printed delivery is in high-quality packaging with an eco-leather cover for the security of your photos, including an internal pocket for storing your marriage certificates.

I specialize only in photography. If you are looking for video services, I can happily recommend the best filmmakers who will do an excellent job.

Certainly! I am willing to travel and accompany you on your day. Couples who choose a destination wedding are looking for a more extensive experience, an event that deserves days, not just hours. With each couple, we plan in advance to create a memorable experience. However, behind that magic, there was a great team, Events Boutique, who had been meticulously planning for months. They made every detail come to life, ensuring the wedding never lost its essence. Undoubtedly, they made the experience unforgettable.

Yes, always! It's essential for both me and you to ensure clarity of service and your peace of mind.

Try to book as early as possible to secure the date and lock in the budgeted values.

You are probably reading these lines while simultaneously looking for catering, DJ, venue, dress, etc. Without diminishing the importance of the rest, what I always tell my clients is that the day after the wedding, the only thing that truly remains and will last forever is the photographs because therein lies the value of your memories.

I have tried to answer the most relevant questions. But perhaps I have overlooked something. I would like to hear from you to address any concerns, always at your disposal.

Let’s work
together as a team!

And thus, create a relaxed space to capture genuine moments.

Let's go for it all